Discover yourself in New year

Discover yourself in New year


Author: Amruta Sadgune / Rohit D Sadgune

New year is impending and we have our plans ready for the celebration with friends and families. Each year we make plenty of resolutions, few of us really work rigidly to complete them and few would find an excuse. Precisely, we have tons of thoughts wandering in our head which we struggle to make them happen. This is an opportunity for everyone who are willing to make positive changes in their life by just involving few transformations helping you to be a better person than today

Start a day with a positive attitude

A well worth developing habit, making you a happier person who expects best things to happen in life. This habit would build up courage to face best and worst situations coming ahead. Our actions are a result of our thinking. Bring in positive thoughts and the best action from you would come out. At least the journey leading towards the unpleasant destination would be worth to travel. Constant negative thinking drags a person into situations and a thought process which would only demotivate and deconstruct one instead of trying to find out ways of facing them.

Stay Fit

Everyone decides to start exercising each day, each week, month and years and those days hardly come. Think once what would happen to your vehicle if is at one place for a long time. Probably, when it starts luckily the next day then some or the other spare parts surely would not work as expected. Similar is to our bodies, Exercising will help you to be healthy which is much required for building your confidence. Adapt yourself to yoga, sports, meditation, aerobics or a dance class or anything and everything which would help to get refreshed and stay active.

Get to know inner peace

Expectations never end. The more you run and chase the more you need. Each time you set a target and you work towards it, once it is achieved you have the next one’s coming up. It’s finally you who would decide where to stop and when. Each person is different and his needs are different,also the definition of happiness is different. At the end of day all that matters is how happy and contented you were. Understand the situations from which you could bring out the joy and would enjoy being alive.

Spend quality time

Understand your priorities and then work on them. An item in your list which would not bring any outcome is of no use. Get to know few time saving hacks, techniques which would save your time in your routine. Understand, Plan, Process and try to do single thing at a time which would surely increase your productivity.  Increase concentration and mental skills. Stop procrastinating since this would be a big barrier in keeping you away from your goals.

Adapt a hobby

Find out some leisure time to do what makes you feel confident and creative. Hobby is the only one thing which makes us forget our age where you can express yourself. It gives you the ability to improvise and reduce stress.

Socialize yourself

A well know saying “Man is a social Animal”. Interaction, appreciation, discussion all is required for a human being to stay alive. Make new friends, share ideas, spend some time in social activities, get involved in a group/team which would teach us the importance of teamwork. Spend less time on gadgets, social media and get associated with humans who would share their experiences, challenges which would motivate you.

Focus on present

“The power of present!” is surely something which would change one’s perception towards life. There is no outcome if you keep thinking of past and future while living in present. Learn from experiences and apply them ahead but make a habit to stop yourself if you are overthinking. You would live a much more positive and joyful life if you just focus on present and to make things happen.

Focus on Good

We all have many people around us who we think have a very bad or a negative impact in our lives. Can we change them? or Can we change a situation? The answer is no. We can only change our approach to deal with them and this is the only power we have. We need to change our attitude just for the sake of benefiting it for ourselves. Get into a habit of ignoring the thoughts arising out of negative, unpleasant circumstance. Do something good for someone without any expectation.Be kind ! since karma has its own way of getting things done!

Not done before? Do it now

Try things which are not done before by you. It can be anything which you wish, admire, achieve, experience or any special moments. Make a Bucket list, it’s a wonderful feeling to see things happen to ourselves. It’s another chance for us to make things right and hope for the best to happen.

We have our envelopes filled with regrets, experiences, some good and some bad situations. All that would matter next is to have the energy to make things happen by starting a complete new life with a very different kind of person to explore ourselves.


New year resolution
New year resolution

Wish you a wonderful new year….

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