Cyber Security Controls India

Project Name: Cyber Security Controls India
Description: Cyber Security Controls India blog will help each IT employee to understand information environment in better way. The components of Cyber Security Controls

Author: Rohit D Sadgune

Summary of Content

  1. Components Of Cyber Security Controls
  2. Basic Requirement of Cyber Security Controls
  3. What are the different Information Security aspects to be considered for Cyber Security

What is a Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is the division of information technology whose primary objective is to implement processes and practices configure to protect networks, computers, enterprise application and data from attack, damage or unauthorized.

Principle objective of cyber security is to maintain Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability over the entire enterprise

Why Cyber Security Controls are important?

  • On daily basis new attack are getting invented, the volume of these attack are very high. These attack includes threats, targeted attacks, advance persistence threats, phishing scams, data leakages
  • On daily the average unprotected systems are increasing..
  • Millions of infected web pages are being discovered every day.
  • Hundreds of millions of events are involved in data breaches.
  • New attack methods are launched continuously.


cyber security controls india
cyber security controls india

Cyber Security Controls India

  1. Assets collections & management
  2. Logical asses collection & management (software / application inventory)
  3. Standard security configuration for all physical and logical assets
  4. Vulnerability management for respective assets of enterprise
  5. Malware Investigation
  6. Vulnerability assessment & Penetration testing for all application
  7. Continuous knowledge transfers & training sessions for employees
  8. Identity & access management
  9. Perimeter security
  10. Security information and event management
  11. Digital Forensics & Incident Response
  12. Monitoring threat intelligence.