Types of System Software
Cyber Threat

Types of System Software

Types of System Software Project Name: Types of System Software Description: This blog will help to understand Types of System Software Author: Rohit D Sadgune / Amruta Sadgune Frequently Asked Question on Types of System Software What are different types of system software? What are the different types of software? …

File Forensics

How to investigate files

How to investigate files Project Name: How to investigate files Description:How to investigate files includes understanding of file system and there features, attributes. The new file system forensic analysis includes all new features security aspects of operating systems. Author: Rohit D Sadgune Summary of Content                      1.      FAT 2.      FAT32 3.      …

Fraud Invetigation

Fraud Investigation Concept

fraud investigation concept

Computer Forensics Fundamentals

Forensics Incident Response

The Document Describes The Forensics Incident Response Checklist For Incident Management Developing a Computer Security Incident Response Define your organization’s overall incident response structure. Develop and implement alert mechanisms that permit quick action. Establish a centralized reporting structure. Appoint and train incident response personnel. Recognizing Signs of an Intrusion Observe your …